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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The blossoming love story of Gopi and Ahem in Sath Nibhana Saathiya

I am so elated to write about this topic as finally our angry Young man- Ahem Modi is transforming. He has finally understood Gopi’s importance and started to show some respect and care towards her. And I am sure, like me all the Gohem fans are really on cloud 9 these days to see their favorite couple getting close to each other.

Since Gopi- Ahem’s wedding everyone was waiting for the day when Ahem will accept Gopi in his life. So for all Gohem fans, I am writing a quick recap of their love story.

A quick recap of Gopi- Ahem’s Story:

Gopi (played by Jiaa Manek) who was an orphan and was brought up by her Mama and Mami got married to Ahem Modi (played by Mohammad Nazim); the obedient son and an efficient businessman. He was in love with someone else but married Gopi as her mother’s wish but could not accept Gopi in his life. And when he came to know about Gopi’s illiteracy he got another reason to dislike her. He considered her unworthy of him. So when he got the chance he tried to evade Gopi from his life and made her to return to her Mama’s house.

Then Ahem’s Nani came to visit them so he has to bring Gopi back and pretend to be a couple in front of the old lady. After Nani’s departure Ahem’s mother Kokila who was fond of Gopi asked Ahem to allow Gopi to stay in Modi house.

The turning point in their love story arrived when Gopi showed her interest towards studying. Gopi’s cousin- Rashi was also married in the same house and was jealous of her. Since her first day in Modi house Rashi tried to make Gopi’s life miserable. Like always this time also she plotted against Gopi with her mother Urmila (Gopi’s Mami) and as a result Gopi was accused of cheating in her school exam. At this point Ahem took Gopi’s side and personally took responsibility of educating her. This brought them together.

Then number of incidences occurred which showed their growing relation like when Gopi was missing on Janmashtami Ahem was hell worried about her, he consoled her on her birthday when she was missing her parents on her b’day, buying a saree for her in Navaratri.

It is clear cut that Gopi has made an important place in Ahem’s life and in his heart. He is grown fond of her, though he is still reluctant to face his true feelings. But soon he will express his feelings for sure.

Ahem Gopi in Star Parivaar Awards 2011

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